I have terrible memory.  Not just your normal bad memory.. It seems to be really bad.  It would be tolerable if I weren’t taking medications.  I have found myself taking my medication several times in one day because I couldn’t remember if I had taken it already, and some days I would forget to take it at all.. or I would think about taking it but was worried I had already taken it so I wouldn’t.  My SD will be trained to tell me when to take my medications.  No more guessing if I have taken it already!

I also don’t do well in crowds.  I start getting flush and sweaty and panicking.  The dog can be trained to use its body to stop people from getting too close to me.  Not in an aggressive way by any means, but as a shield.  When I am out in groups or crowds and I start panicking, the dog will be able to sense it and help either redirect my focus onto it (by licking my hand or nudging me), or if things are too intense it is trained to lead me out of the situation.

One of my biggest complaints and one of the top reasons for going through all this for a service dog is my nightmares.  I have had them nearly every single night since 2002 after my first deployment.  That is 7 years of nightmares.  There are times I wake up in a panic, some nights I wake up too afraid to move because I am not sure if I am still asleep or if this is real.  These dogs are trained to know when you are going into a nightmare and they can lick your hand to ground you back, or at the very least when I wake up upset at 2am, I can have my partner there to comfort and cuddle me back to sleep.  I really think that if my sleep issues are ever relieved that a lot of my other symptoms may not seem as bad.

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