In three short weeks I will be heading to Memphis to board to plane with my daughter and mom and heading to meet my new dog.  I know I will have a hard time on the flight, but I am hoping a low dose of anti-anxiety medication will help.  I don’t want to take a full dose because I would like to be fully aware when we arrive to Colorado.  It will all be worth it.  It will be the last time I fly without my dog.

I am someone who needs to have as much control over a situation as possible.. or at least know that the people who are in control know what they are doing.  I feel like I need to be as prepared as possible for this training and as prepared as possible mentally for this dog.  I know we will have to take a public access exam, so I have been on Google doing searches for videos of SDIT (Service Dogs in Training).  I’m starting to freak out though because when they enter stores such as Target or one was  in a mall, it seems like a LOT of people are stopping and staring.  I already hate going in public because I start to panic, so I really hope I don’t become MORE of a recluse!  I am confident that during my training I will be able to learn some coping skills and gain the confidence within myself as well as confidence that my dog will perform as trained.

I also purchased a patch for the dog vest.  I don’t know if I will need it or what I will be sent home with when I get the dog, but I liked this patch a lot.

I bought it here.

2 thoughts

  1. While I haven’t done any research service dogs and how they help those suffering from PTSD, but I would bet that with your attention and the attention of those that notice you in public places all on the dog, it may help deflect some of the panic.

    At least I hope so.



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