Last night was rough with the nightmares.  I woke up at least 3 or 4 times.  Every time I woke up I thought about how nice it will be when I at least have someone here who will help ease me back to sleep instead of laying awake with my heart breaking thinking about what I was dreaming about.

Last night the nightmares were all about my son.  Every last one was him getting bullied, beat up and worse.  The last thing I dreamt about was my son walking home with one of our friends.  She suddenly pushed him on the ground, ran and got in a car and drove away.  She just left my son laying in the dirt crying.  As a mother, my heart was just breaking, in my dream and when I woke up.  I’m still upset that anyone would ever do that to my son.  I know it was just a dream, but the reality of it is that at some point in his life someone will not like him and will want to push him down in the dirt… Just as people have not liked me and done the same (figuratively).

It was such a rough night and I cannot imagine how much nicer my morning will be once my dog is here and we are in our groove.

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