Since I would like to take the opportunity to learn all I can in my training (which starts Sunday after next!) I decided to look into learning how to navigate with a hands free leash.  I concluded that I would probably need one since I will be either pushing a stroller or holding a baby with one arm.  Also, there is crossing the street with my son, I like to hold his hand and with a baby in one arm and his hand holding my free hand, the logistics just weren’t there.

I’ve seen a lot of leash systems that attach around your waist for running with the dog, but I saw one that was a little more appealing to me and it simply goes on like a sash.

This can be purchased here.

The reason I went with this leash is that I worry about something being strapped tight around my waist.  This seems more comfortable and easy to slip on and off.  It looks like it doesn’t need to be on there tight either.

We have a dog house out back that I plan of taking some pictures of and listing on Craigslist.  I want to use the money from that to buy the dog a really nice comfy dog bed.  I will have to wait until I get the dog first though because poor Harley (the Boxer) will probably get excited and think it is for him and sleep on it.  He has his own bed and anyway, Harley usually sneaks up on the couch to sleep.

Another little bit of equipment I purchased was a Dremel MiniMite cordless rotary tool for the dog’s nails.  On my training check list looks like they will be showing up the proper way to care for their nails and the suggested this for that purpose.  I guess if the dog is used to it it shouldn’t be too bad, but I can’t imagine Harley standing still for that!  Of course I plan on trying it out on Harley at some point.. though he is good at keeping his worn down.

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