Today was great and the training was great.  I had to check my anger a few times because sometimes I get frustrated by other people… But I’m learning a lot!

The dog who was picked for me was Bear.  I am SO thrilled to have him!  I wasn’t sure how we would work out because he can be a bit of a stinker.  Out in public you would think he didn’t like me!  He doesn’t want to sit near me when I’m sitting down (In class or when I was trying to eat!).  He ends up on a short leash.  He will learn though.  As soon as we get to the room at the hotel though it is a different picture.  When I am sitting, he is laying ON my feet and curled as close as he can get.  When I sit on the floor with him his head goes for my lap and he curls his body close to me.

He came with a “journal” that is basically a huge baby book!  I’ve been reading through it and I get so emotional reading how much work was put into him and the inmate who started raising him made a lot of notes thanking ME and going on about how she hopes he can help someone someday.  I learned too that he loves ice!  I’ve been using them as treats since I’m running really low on the regular treats.

Bear has already helped with one thing.  I don’t go anywhere alone.  I hate going outside, especially at night alone.  I have taken him out to potty three times since the end of class and I did it alone!  I have fun out there with Bear.  He is a wonderful dog.  I hope we can form the bond required and I hope that we make a good team.

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