Today we met at the community center and learned that Fox News Denver wanted to cover a story of the pups and us.  It’s funny how they filmed the dogs doing all sorts of cool things only to see it in a 30 second segment… Haha!  I still wish they had shown Bear “closing” the door.  You can certainly see where his name fits him when he does that!  I will have to post a link in the “News” section of the blog when they put up a link to it.

After practicing our commands some more we walked over to a JB Clymer’s to eat lunch.  Our lunch was comped by the owner, Sharon (thank you!!!).  They have a sign saying they support the troops and the owner’s son is over in Iraq right now, his third tour I believe she said.  I ate their meatloaf, a tall glass of beer (Budweiser), and carrot cake for dessert.  Their food was so good!  A lot of good “home style” food.  Bear did wonderful under the table.  I was very proud of him.

On our walk back to the community center I discovered that if Bear walks through a large pile of leaves in his mind it means “play”!  As soon as we hit the pile he started to take off with me and where Bear wants to go, (at 71lbs) Bear will go.  I made him heel and we just kept stopping every time he tried to get too far ahead.  I must be getting though to him because, like a wild stubborn horse who is losing his independence, Bear was shaking his head and snorting and at one point he seemed so upset with me he literally jumped backwards to heel!

We went to see a movie.  That went really well too.  The movie made me miss my husband even more though and I can’t wait to get home and catch up on some affection.  The movie we saw was “The Couples Retreat”.  I don’t recommend watching this without your significant other.  It was funny enough, not the best but it was nice to be relaxed.

Tomorrow we are doing a telephone conference with my son’s school.  I think they have questions or concerns that will be better addressed by the trainers.  After that we are headed to Denver for pictures!  I will squeeze into my uniform and get some with Bear and I and I may get one with my little girl.  I believe the photographer is donating the time so I am not going to push the issue..

One thought

  1. I think this is a great idea! Have you ever tried working with German Shorthaired Pointers? They are highly intelligent and easy to train. My father had one who was a hunting dog. He learned to be a service for alerting my dad about his Diabetes. I hope you email me soon. LOL to you and your family.


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