We arrived home Sunday evening.  Bear and my Boxer, Harley, get along great!  They are almost the exact size height wise.  They love getting out back and running and chasing things.  Okay, Bear likes to run and chase and Harley hides in fear of his life!

Monday we did the one thing we had planned and it went great.  Bear was really good but I can tell he doesn’t like it when we are just sitting there.  He does really good if I am standing, but he tends to get bored when expected to just lay there.  We will work on that more though.

Tuesday we all went to Target for a Halloween costume for my son and no one really said anything about Bear.  We had no issues at all with anyone.  We had a lot of looks but they aren’t looking at me, they are looking at my beautiful Labrador who is so well behaved.  We also went to Petco and Bear did exceptionally good!  I bought him a new bed, a crate, some yummy treats and a new leather collar (black).  We then went out to Lonestar Steakhouse to eat.  The service was great and again, no access issues!  So far I’ve had just that one issue and no one else seems to mind following the law!

This morning I had my endodontist appointment.  I survived part two of my root canal.  Stopped by the hospital to get my meds and headed to the food store for some soft food to eat.

Nothing really exciting today!  Oh, I did go online and buy Bear a new vest  I hope it fits and everything on him!

Tomorrow Bear meets my son’s classmates.  I am nervous but excited at the opportunity to educate a little bit about Bear and I.

I will be sure to post tomorrow and give an update on how the day went.

2 thoughts

  1. I am very excited for you guys. I’m sure Bear will do great. There’s nothing like a room full of giggling preschoolers…I think this is the first of many classroom visits.


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