Today, after we dropped oldest kiddo off at school, Bear, Katie and I all went to Walmart to get some more costume stuff.  I am in need of more things though.. Our shopping was great and uneventful.  Also, I have noticed more people actually talking to me!  I think Katie and Bear got almost equal compliments.. Well, Katie got a few more.

After her nap I plan on hitting up Old Navy for some black rumba tights (or ANY black tights at this point) and I need to stop by Hobby Lobby for more tulle.  My grandmother showed me how to make Katie a tutu for Halloween but after I used up all the tulle she gave me Miss Katie is too big in the waist by about 6-7 inches.  I plan on trying to find black tulle to fill in with the orange.  I also found in her bow collection (that I bought yard sale while pregnant last fall) an orange bow.

So I hope that our afternoon outing is as successful as our morning one was.  I need to bring my baby carrier thing so I can have more hands free.  Thankfully Katie should be walking in the next few months.. whew that will make things a bit easier!

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