Last night we went to Froggy 104.1’s Trunk or Treat at the fairgrounds.  I was a little nervous since there would not only be a lot of kids there, but chocolate and gum and all kinds of weird looking things Bear may or may not have been exposed to in the past.

I was a 20’s flapper (and even with the bright blonde wig on, Bear had no trouble knowing I was me), my son was a pirate, my daughter was a Bronco’s Cheerleader (I didn’t get her tulle in time..) and poor hubby was just himself since it was raining too much to get out the Halloween box.

While in line I made sure I had out Bear’s ID card so that they wouldn’t throw us out thinking he was a “service dog” for Halloween.  I had a kid behind me ask if he really was a service dog or just dressed as one, I said that no, he really is one.  Really smart kid too because after he knew that he asked his younger siblings to stay away from the dog because he is a service dog and “you can’t pet or distract them”.  Someone has parents who have educated them!  I thanked him for asking.

My son got a little bit of candy, Bear ignored all the squished chocolate bars on the floor, and I did really good!  My husband kept asking if I wanted to leave and I said it was up to Nikolaus.  After we left I realized that a) I never would have gone to something like this before Bear and 2) if I did somehow go, I would be asking to leave about 5 minutes into it.  We stayed until Nikolaus wanted to go, so we were there about 45 minutes!  That’s about 43 minutes longer than we would have been without Bear.

My son has a birthday party to go to today and I asked hubby to go with him and to let the mom know that I am the one in the email (school sent an email letting parents know about Bear and I) and that I didn’t want to take away from her daughter’s birthday party by having Bear there.  They are planning on doing a group Trick or Treat afterward, so I told hubby to ask her to give him about a 15 minute heads up on when they would be heading out so Bear, Katie and I can meet up and Trick or Treat with them.


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