I bought Bear an ID card and took a picture of him proudly wearing it…


That incredibly bright spot is his “Quiet Spot” that holds his metal tags so they don’t clank together when he walks.  They weren’t joking when they said it was reflective!!

This evening we worked more on “block me” and “got my back” as well as I am trying to teach him who “Katie” is and I want him to touch her.  He was going good but he touches her face and she gets upset.  I’m trying to get him to touch her leg or butt… lol.  He did some kisses, ate dinner, played outside with Harley and then cuddled on the bed with me.  His name is so fitting because when he is content he gives almost a bear growl when he breathes (like when we were cuddling, he was doing that and wagging his tail) or when I ask him to do something he really doesn’t want to do.. he will do it but grunt too to let me know he isn’t very happy to do it.


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