I am LIVID right now with a repair company.  They chewed me out on the phone and I don’t do well with that!  I’ve been online writing reviews for their company and only wish that you could give 0 stars for a business!!!!

Bear, Katie and I are going to head to Best Buy and get this figured out with my POS oven (GE Profile that doesn’t heat up my food!!!).  I don’t mind a repair person coming and fixing it, but that company will NOT set foot in my house!  Best Buy needs to contract someone else, replace my oven with one that works, or give me my money back and get this lemon of an oven!

I am so mad I am shaking!


2 thoughts

  1. GRRRRRR! You are right to be MAD. I hope you paid with a credit card because you can get a refund if they don’t replace or repair it. Hang in there. BIG HUG!


    1. Yes thankfully I did buy on credit. I think Best Buy or GE will work with me… I have faith that they will anyway!! I plan on going into Best Buy.. calmly.. and finding a manager to speak with right off the bat since this is complicated. Poor Bear.. I was squeezing him and hugging on him the whole time on the phone with the guy. I just hope they end the contract with that stupid company! I think they just called a local person, I don’t know that they have ever dealt with them in the past… At least that’s how it sounded when I spoke with the GE people last week. I bought the floor model, which is the only reason I was able to afford the Profile. I don’t mind something cosmetically not perfect.. I have kids and animals, nothing stays perfect here for long anyway.. lol! But I really need something that cooks! It could be dangerous cooking in the oven, especially chicken! Frozen pizza that should have taken 15 minutes, took over 25 and the bottom was burned, top hardly cooked. It is probably a simple fix but I am steadfast that those people will never set foot in my house.


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