So I keep having these fainting spells.  I figured with all the stress I’ve been under that maybe that was playing a role in it, but at least once or twice a week I am fainting or coming close to blacking out.  It’s bad enough I do things without remembering them I don’t need more on my plate!

I have pretty low blood pressure, I always have, I think my normal is about 90/60 (I think that’s low anyway).  I never had it go too low except when I get my epidural with Katie and it went to 60/40 before they gave the epi.  Anyway, the point is I didn’t really ever have fainting issues before.  I fainted once when I was pregnant with my son in 2005 but I think that was because I was in school and waited too long to eat.  The last month or so though I have on at least a weekly basis fainted.  I don’t know that “fainted” is a correct term for it because I don’t lose consciousness or anything.. I start by my heart racing, then my chest gets tights, then I see black spots everywhere, feel sick and clamy and then I feel like my legs are falling asleep, like they are numb and tingly.  I had a chair I was next to catch me one time and another time my husband caught me before I hit the floor.

This is even more why I am glad to have Bear.  If something ever happened to me I would have Bear there to get help.  I guess I should work with him on where to go or what to do.  But at any rate, I think I should probably call and get an appointment and see what’s going on.  I don’t think it is a lack of eating because I usually can’t remember if I have eaten that day or not.  I swear sometimes I think I need an in home care nurse here with me to make sure I eat and take my medicine!  Well I can teach Bear to bring my meds.  It is supposed to be as needed but I need it every night.. lol.

Well, I leave for NYC tomorrow and I won’t have my laptop with me.. 😦  I need to leave it here for mom.


One thought

  1. I hope you got some pizza when you were there! I lived in Jersey City for two years. I know the area well. I hope you figure out whats happening with you. You might try eliminating caffine. It can cause irregular heartbeats. I know how it feels to almost blackout. Mine was caused by an electrical problem in my heart, I had a procedure called Ablation to fix the problem. I don’t think that’s what’s up with you. I hope you get a very complete checkup ASAP! Please don’t hide your symtoms from your husband. He needs to know. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip to NYC. I hope you visit Seattle soon.


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