We arrived in NYC Monday and I can say that this has been an amazing experience! I’m no country bumpkin, but this place is large on a scale that can only be appreciated in person.

Bear has done great and has a following… Lol! The other vets love him! We were at the Heroes Gala last night and the PTSD people were standing together (there’s only three of us) when a waiter dropped a tray of plates. Naturally while everyone else jumped a little bit then laughed, we jumped more and stood still. We decided we all needed to pet Bear to calm down. I know I know, no one else is supposed to pet him with his vest on but I felt we all needed it!

While at the Gala, a piece was shown from MTV that just triggered some horrible memories. Bear and I went outside and I curled up and held my knees and cried. Bear kept licking my face and trying to play with me, so I stood back up and faced the building. Bear, determined as he is to do his job, put his paws up on the wall and kept nudging me. He really did help though.

Today we have the parade! I’m excited and a bit tired from all the walking we did yesterday!! Tonight we are going to see Wicked!

I’ll post pictures when we get back home.

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