I haven’t been blogging a whole lot because things have seemed to have hit a bump with me and I have just had too much going on around to be able to sit down and type anything even half way interesting.

Bear has a good way of being right there at my feet when I need him.  Sometimes I don’t think I need him and he just starts irritating the crap out of me.  I lose my patience with him at times and just want him, along with everyone else to leave me alone (isolate).  Bear listens to me rant and rave, lets me push him away, and then comes back and curls up on my feet.  When everyone else leaves me alone because of my crummy mood and attitude, Bear stays.  He only acts like this when something is going on with me.  When I am having a good day, Bear can be found doing his own thing.  Digging through the kid’s toys, finding socks to hide in his crate, napping in another room.

So this isn’t a long post, but I wanted to assure you that we are still working together… trying to get through this.  There I times I wonder what I need him for, but then he is quick to remind me.  We plan on getting back in school this coming Fall semester.  I am opting for a community college because I feel like he and I will be more accepted there.


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