I realized today while I was driving that my mind wanders between being thankful to be here and for what I have, and wishing I never made it home from Iraq.  I don’t understand how I can seemingly have everything together one moment and then fall apart the next.  *sigh*

Bear and I have been going through a bumpy time.  Yesterday I put him back on the leash and made him stay close by and today I drilled him on his commands.  This all seemed to have helped to an extent.  He seems more alert now, which helps!  I am hoping the the extra bonding will help our working relationship.  I also have got into the habit of reminding onlookers that he isn’t a robot, and in fact still just a puppy.  I am trying to make light of his mistakes in public so they don’t stress me out too much.

Tomorrow I am going to go get my hair cut.  I am pretty sure hubby will want to go to make sure they don’t take too much.  If it were up to me I would chop it all off and be done with it.. But he insist he likes it long.  I hope Bear does good at the salon!

I am a little disappointed… I was hoping that I would get started on this blog post and that something really good and witty would come out.. Instead it really is just me rambling.  Sorry to disappoint!  Nothing incredibly exciting that I can really talk about is going on.  :o)

Oh, but I do attend the best church around!  Bear is so welcome there and I enjoy going somewhere where I am not nervous about us being accepted!  I can go in, stress free (if you don’t count the kids stressing me out!) and enjoy the message.  I wish I could tell everyone about our church and how wonderful the members are.  There are little more than 30 members and I have no idea how the church gets the financing to not only keep the doors open, but be able to give back to the community as well.  I love that the message every week is of LOVE and acceptance.  Attending Bells Methodist has been slowly restoring my faith in humanity and I have been able to see the pure and genuine compassion that those people can have toward strangers.  I take that back, there are no “strangers” in there!  I have felt accepted since the first time my husband and I set foot in there.

Okay, I feel better now, I got something out!

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