The past two days I have been making a point to go out with Bear.  I am actually thinking of maybe loading up the baby with the stroller today and going to the mall with Bear.  Not to buy anything, but just to walk around and work on where I want Bear to be when I am pushing the stroller.

I had sort of regressed a little bit when I came home with Bear.  Not at home, at home I feel I have been making huge improvements with my anxiety.  Going out was something of a challenge though.  I had on a few occasions wanted to leave the house and do something but just couldn’t out of the anxiety I was feeling about knowing people would be staring at me.  I felt like Bear was being more of a teenager… very defiant and basically ignoring whatever I said to him.  To remedy the problem I put him back on the leash and made him stay right by me at home for a few days and I have been practicing our commands more at home.

Day before yesterday I went to Target.  My daughter needed some new jammies because she is getting too big for the old ones and I wanted to get my son some sweaters.  I was really proud of Bear and of myself.  I tried to be more relaxed in how I reacted to him not doing exactly what I wanted.  I tried to understand that like most guys, shopping is boring for him.  He did really good though with me.

Yesterday we went to Sams Club.  We got what we needed and left.  I was happy because I went with both kids and Bear.  Quite a feat!  I felt so good about everything!

Next week I have a hair appointment.  I have been trying to figure out how to work that.  I decided that since I’ll be getting my hair done, I can drop Bear off at the groomer to get a bath and nails trimmed.  Problem solved!  Not like I get it done every week or even month.  After this hair trim it will probably be another year before I get it cut again.

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