I have been having trouble finding the best way to get Bear to be of help to me.  It isn’t as easy as it may appear on the outside.  I hated going into stores because people would stare at us or make comments so I would just rush in, get what I needed, and rush out… all the time stressed out to my max.  I have now adopted a new way of doing this and it seems like it may just work for us.

When we go into a store (remember, I have a 1 year old and a 4 year old) we just have to go in there with the idea that this is going to take a while!  I go down every isle that I need to.  Use to (pre-Bear and just after returning) if the isle was crowded I would skip it… thereby not being able to get everything we needed.  Now, if I see an isle is crowded we make our way slowly, stop a lot and even at time just stand in one spot until it clears out enough for us to proceed at a pace I am comfortable with.  I was amazed that we made it through the grocery store during the 530pm rush with two children and Bear and made it out (an hour and a half later) with everything that I went in for.

As for comments.  The one I get the most is “What kind of dog is that?”.  I always answer, “Oh, he is a black lab.”  I am sure they want to know WHAT he does and that they can plainly see he is a black lab, but I usually walk away before any more questions are asked.  I’ve had a few ask if he was a guard dog, I say no and leave.  I am always polite but usually not in the mood to get long and drawn out.

An incident that got me a little upset and just ready to leave the situation was last week at a program my son is in.  It was a little demo of what they had learned and all the parents were invited to come and watch.  When it was over we were waiting for a lot of the crowd to leave before heading out.  A grandmother of one of the students came over with her little girl.  The grandmother said, “Oh, don’t get close to that lady, she has a guard dog!”.  I waited a minute because I wasn’t sure if I should just ignore it (like I ignore the “Oh she’s training that dog!” comments) but I finally turned around and said he was a medical dog, not a guard dog, turned back around and asked hubby if we could leave now.

One thought

  1. You did the right thing with that grandmother. She showed that she was ignorant and you just educated her and the child with her. My experience in life is to be as polite as possible and to know the difference between ignorance and rude hateful comments. I think you and Bear are doing great!


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