I thought that with tonight being the last night in 2009 it would only be fitting to make a blog entry.

The past year has been a journey to say the least.  This time last year I was incredibly big and uncomfortable and had spent most of the day at Labor and Delivery in pre-term labor with my daughter (stress can do that you know).  I rang in the new year sleeping.  I went on to have my little girl 31 days later and a few weeks shy of her due date, but full term and perfectly healthy!

I became more active in IAVA and the online community there.  I became friends with people, some I have had the privilege of meeting in New York.  I learned hard life lessons, probably taught a life lesson or two… I fell in love again with my husband (not that I ever fall out of love, but he manages to amaze me more and more every year!).  I got to see my son get over his fear of water, heard about his adventures on his four wheeler… I bought two horses and remembered how much work they were!  I reconnected with family and old friends, I’ve also lost friends and made new ones.  I went on roller coasters of emotions.  I hated myself more than ever, and I have also made myself more proud than ever… all in the same year!  I’ve laughed and cried, but I got through it all.  I got through it with my family still on speaking terms with me (not everyone can say that!).  I’ve opened myself to the world… or at least the literate world!  I’ve opened my heart to strangers and opened my wounds to others and their feedback is but another brick in my wall that is my story.

My dog, Sadie, crossed the bridge in this last year but I welcomed a new member, Bear.  Bear has helped open my heart in a way no person could possibly open it.  He is so steadfast and so loyal.  He doesn’t mind when I yell or cry or make impossible demands.  He is just there.

In the coming year I have goals.  I have no resolution per se, usually I resolve to not start back smoking (I quit June 2006).  This year I don’t know what I want to accomplish.  I would like to get some more school under my belt.  I want to make at least one new friend by 2011.  I would like to see my family expand by two feet perhaps.  I want to try to put some more play time in with the kids.  I would like to save a little bit more money, give a little bit more to others.

I have nothing grand or exciting that I would expect to happen to me in 2010, but I didn’t think anything grand and exciting would happen in 2009 and obviously I had a few grand things happen.  :o)  So thank you, thank you everyone who made this journey possible for me and for my family.

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