I already knew Bear was an amazing dog anyway, but he never lets me forget just how special he really is.

Last night I started getting achy and getting the chills and just feeling downright miserable.  I tried to sleep but I awoke about 130am to a very sore throat and my whole body just plain hurting.  I took some Excedrin for the headache and some decongestant for hopefully my throat and I went on the couch to sleep.  Bear jumped up and at first laid at my feet.  I was just so miserable and sick feeling.  I kept dozing off and waking up in pain.  The last time I really woke up I could feel that Bear had crept up and was now laying next to me with his head and one paw on my chest.  I don’t know if it was his body heat, the comfort of another living creature, or the medicine kicking in, but it felt like the chills and aches were just taken away.  I got about a 4 hour block of sleep and when I woke up he was still laying on me.

I hope to be feeling better tonight though.  I can’t afford to lose any more sleep than I normally do!  If I’m sick again tonight I hope Bear will be there again.

2 thoughts

  1. That is so nice. Faith will do that to. She knows when James or even I am not feeling good and will be there the whole time. Very patient. She asks for nothing but Love….Isn’t it great.


    1. Hey! Yeah it’s so nice! How are things going with him and school? Faith settling down alright into the school routine? Bear and I are headed back for the first time this Spring semester. I’m nervous and excited about making another step forward!


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