Okay I have to admit I am starting to get scared!  We start school again on the 14th!  I have been out since my pre-term labor scare with Katie in the Fall 08 semester!  I am more than ready to get back into LIFE again!

We aren’t taking any really hard classes.  I am taking just the basic college algebra and World Lit.  I thought I was done with English but I needed a Lit class as an elective… Thankfully I enjoy reading and have a fairly decent comprehension of what I read so I hope the class goes by uneventfully!  Not a huge fan of writing papers though!  I’ll get through it and be just that much closer to my degree.  Over the Summer sessions I plan on taking a Biology class and a Philosophy class.  I am not sure though if what I want to take is available over the summer, but I have enough required classes left that I am sure I will find something!

I bought Bear some bags that attach to his service vest.  Even though we won’t be at school very long through the day, I would like for him to carry his own baggies as well as treats (in a zip lock bag!) and a collapsible water bowl that I need to purchase still.  He may not need the water this semester (since we are taking one class MWF and one class TR) but in the summer it will be getting HOT and I will probably want to stay after class and hit the tutoring..

I am a tad bit nervous about starting the first day again.  Nothing like when I very first started college.. But still nervous about how Bear will be received.  I’m not so concerned with the school since so far there have been zero issues.  I worry about how the students will react… Will they accept us?  Will people just avoid me like the plague?  Will people constantly be trying to pet him?  I don’t know!  I will have to dig out the cards that Puppies Behind Bars gave me so I can hand them out!

I am excited to be moving forward with my education though.  It means a lot to me to have something in my hand to show for all the hard work I’ve put in thus far!  It’s been an adventure!  My goal is to have at least my BA by 35!  I think that’s attainable!

One thought

  1. You go girl!
    You are very lucky you have the chance to attend college. You have a supportive husband and you don’t have to worry about paying the bills while you go to school. (that was my stumbling block) I think that if you have any “issues” with other students you could ask your teacher if you could speak to the class breifly and talk about Bear and service dogs. I think this would be well recieved and a great chance for you and Bear to raise awareness about service dogs.
    I think you are setting a very good example for your children about the importance of education.


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