I only was in school Thursday and Friday but still.. end of the first week.  It didn’t go too terribly bad I don’t think.  I am not at all good with Math though.  I am already struggling with the homework.  Will have to look into a tutor but can’t start the school’s math lab until Katie starts daycare.  English went well, I think I’ll do fine in the class.  It seems like if you show up and do the work assigned there shouldn’t be any reason to fail it!  I noticed there was only ONE paper to write and it was a research paper worth 10% of my grade.  I can do that!

No weird reactions to Bear that I am aware of.  Neither teacher took an issue to him being there and no one really even mentioned it.  He may get tired of my English class because we get up and move around a lot… lol.  Overall he did great and I noticed a difference in having him there.  I felt more confident in myself and when I was tapping my foot with anxiety he calmly rested his head on it.  It was like having your best friend gently pay their hand on your back and say, “You’ll be fine.”.

We are out of school Monday so that buys me another day to figure out this math homework…

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