I love to run.  Well… not initially, but I know if you make it past that hump of feeling like you are about to puke, running actually makes you feel great and gives you extra energy through out the day.  Let’s not forget that it also trims the waistline and is wonderful for your heart!

Here are a few issues I would like to address.  First, I know for mental health, it is good to have a healthy body as well as maintain spiritual health.  I’ve been striving to attend church (though when the hubs works it is hard to get there with my herd!).  I am back in school so I feel like  my brain is getting a little bit of use as well.  I really need to get my physical self in order.  It is frustrating sitting here not knowing how to get back in shape.  We had a membership to the YMCA, but every time I tried to get someone who worked there to show me how to use the equipment I was met with brick walls.  Either that person wasn’t there that day or no one cared to show me.  They have a great system there (so I hear) where you are supposed to get this card and when you work out on a machine you put the card in there and it keeps track of everything!  Calories burned, how long you worked out on something, how much weight you used… But not only did we never get these cards, we never were able to even get our membership cards!  We were there three months without anyone being able to take our picture for membership cards.  Very disappointed!

As much as I would love to take the gym route, there are barriers in itself.  While the YMCA offered free daycare, their hours were very limited.  Also, I am not sure where I would put Bear while I went from equipment to equipment.  With all the moving parts it’s just too dangerous for him to be in there.  I wouldn’t want his tail or nose to get hurt on anything.  The stuff is all pretty close together in there.  Where would he go when I went to take a shower?  I wouldn’t walk barefoot in a public shower and I certainly don’t want my dog walking or even worse, Licking! the shower room floor.

I’ve thought about running around where I live, but there is a certain house that I would have no choice but to run by and the person (and/or people) who currently inhabit it are people I really have no lost love for and even the thought of the possibility of them seeing me run (and probably joking about me) makes me just ill.  Also, there is rarely a time I can go run when there would be no children at home.  With a treadmill, I would be able to run whenever.  When Katie takes a nap and when Nikolaus is at school.  It just makes more sense to me.

When I was in the Air Force we were allowed three days a week (I believe an hour a day?) to workout during duty hours.  When I worked up at the flight office, I decided to run MWF in the mornings before work.  I LOVED it!  Okay, initially I hated it.  The first week every run I thought I was going to throw up.  I couldn’t breath, my lungs burned, I hurt, was sore, legs wobbled… But I was surprised that by the second week I was able to run my 2 miles without breaking at least a jog.  By a month or two in I had taken maybe 2 or 3 minutes off my time and certainly inches off my waist!  This was when my Boxer, Harley, was still a puppy and I brought him to run with me.  Even he wore out before me.

So here are my options; I can find a gym that doesn’t charge and arm and a leg, has some sort of childcare, staff who are willing to actually help and possibly even a work out buddy, or I can find some way to run out near where I live and just either get up at 5am and run before hubby leaves for work, or I can maybe look into where the heck I would get the money and space for a treadmill.

2 thoughts

  1. So I’ve been going through a similiar debate with myself. I want to start getting in shape again both for mind and body. Two other ideas for you to maybe think about. Does your school have a gym you can use? Maybe jump in and get a work out while your already there and then head home to get cleaned up. I don’t have kids, so I don’t know how hard it is to take a shower, etc with Katie home. Or I’ve got into a couple of work out DVDs that I really like so I can get my work out in about 45 mins at home. Any of the Jillian Michaels DVDs or Biggest Loser. They kick my butt! Anyway, I hope you find something that works, because, as you know, it feels good to get moving again. (Holler if you want more info on those DVDs)


    1. Well I did join a gym and went and ran last night. I really think it helps with the anxiety to be able to just get it out. I figure I’ll get all the anxiety out by either blowing up in a fit of rage (like normal) or I can try to keep it under control by working out. I liked running. It really brought back GOOD memories. I did good. I was there alone and I was nervous but I think Bear has given me a little bit of a backbone so I was able to ask for help when I needed it and basically just hit the treadmill and ran until I thought I would have a heart attack! lol! All in all I did 45 mins of cardio.


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