Made it another week of school.  Still haven’t had a full week though!  I was amazed that I was better able to do my newest math assignment so there is hope yet.  I love reading so my English class is so very easy since it is all about reading things from 1600’s to present.  I almost feel guilty when I leave the kids with my husband, go in the bedroom, and read my reading assignment!

I had to turn in my paperwork to the teachers about me being a disabled student.  It was pretty painless.  None of my teachers questioned my need for my service dog.  One of my teachers mentioned that Bear should get an honorary degree when I get mine since he has had to sit through the same classes!  I think it would be adorable!  Makes me want to strive all that much more to make sure we get through this and show everyone we were worth the effort.

On the home front, I have been sick.. again.  One downside to having a husband who is a pharmacist (in a hospital no less) is that he spends all day around sick people.  Normally the kids and I don’t tend to catch his ickies, but the last few times the whole family has caught it.  I have some old Tussenex (sp?) from when I had a bad cough before.  I took it but I don’t know if it is expired or something but it has done little for my cough.  I just hope we can make it through next week of school without feeling too miserable!  I have a long day tomorrow.. long week actually!

Tomorrow morning I have to get my son off to school, come home and get ready for class.  I have to hurry home when I leave class so I can make it in time to get my daughter and drive to Memphis for an afternoon appointment. When that appointment is over I have to rush home, pick up my son and then rush to my evening appointment.  I really really wanted to get to the gym again for some more cardio, but with this cough I don’t think I should.  I also don’t see when I would have time to!

So Bear is a big fan of shoes.  He likes mine the best and is always walking around with one of my shoes in his mouth (he doesn’t dare chew it).  I’ve decided he likes shoes so much that I would at least show him where they go.  I’ve been working with him to teach him “Put away my shoes”.  He knows “my shoe” and is learning “Louie’s shoe” and so on.  He is also learning “put away” is my closet.  He is so cute because he doesn’t just drop them at the closet door (we have a walk-in) he walks in a good bit and drops them in.  Such a smart pup!

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