There isn’t a final plan but I am too excited to not blog about it.  If it comes together as I hope, then Bear and I will join other veteran’s in Washington D.C. to meet with congress and discuss the VA and other fun stuff.  Basically advancing the rights of veterans.  I really hope we are picked to go and that everything goes smoothly.  It will be just Bear and I.  My husband is unable to get away from work and he needed to stay home for the kids anyway.

I don’t want to get long winded but this is just exciting for me.  I have felt like I was nobody for a while.  It will be nice to even have the remote possibility of saying or doing something that just might make a positive impact in another veteran’s life.  I am not good at public speaking and honestly feel weird in social situations, unless it comes down to someone not getting what they are entitled to; what was promised to them.

Enough jabber jaw, I just wanted to share.  I will be sure to bring my camera (and the flip vid…) to document our adventure.

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