The weather is warming up finally!  We got our raised bed garden going.  I need to check this week to see if the green bean seedlings have come in yet and I also need to get a container to put my ice burg lettuce in.

Bear has been outside a lot, sunbathing, playing, getting into things.. lol!  I am not looking forward to hot pavement though with his paws but we will cross that bridge when it comes.  We are both still going to school.  I tried to go once without him and I felt so lonely.

There are places I have found myself able to go without him where I wouldn’t have before.  I feel like this is a major achievement, but, I also know that PTSD has its cycles and I do recognize I am in a high point now.  I wish I knew how long it would last!  At least I am being smart about it though.. I am still on my meds and still seeing all the doctors.

Well I am sick (throat, ears, lungs hurt) and take more time to  get going in the morning so I had better head out and get these kids dressed and ready for school.

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