I was on spring break last week.  This should have meant that my week would be great… hanging out, relaxing, no worrying about homework or rushing to drive all over Jackson… But it wasn’t to be.  Monday was great.  I took the baby to daycare and my son stayed with me and we drove to Memphis to meet up with another female veteran.  Had a great time just hanging out and telling our war stories; all that is missing is an old smoky bar, chain smoking (I quit smoking in June 2006) and a Bud in our hands… lol.  But it really was great talking to someone else who still wakes up hearing the sound of the tent sides flapping all night (spend 11 months listening to that and you never forget it!).

Tuesday I sent the kids both to their schools and I was going to try to get my research paper done.  I HATE having things that need to be done not getting done… Especially when I know I am pretty good and pumping out papers if I have the quiet time to do them.  I woke up so sick though.  I had no voice, my throat was hurting and my left ear was full of drainage which caused pain from right behind my ear back to the side of my head.  I tried to log on the computer a few times but our internet seems to be plotting against me as it was down.  I ended up cleaning.

Wednesday my son stayed home with me.  It rained.  I was still sick.  Internet didn’t work at all that day.

Thursday my son went to school, I had a dentist appointment… Spent WAY too much on the bill and decided to get a referral to the VA dentist.  Hubby and I made an agreement; If I get this $2200 worth of dentistry done at the VA and save us the money, he would okay me getting veneers for my front jacked up teeth.

Friday my son stayed home with me.  Internet was down all day.  Son and I cleaned the house more.

Saturday me, my son, my daughter and Bear all attended a 4 year old’s birthday party.  It was at one of those places with all the jumpers so there really was no forced interaction with other parents… which worked out good since most didn’t interact with me!  When we arrived I sat in the car and about had a breakdown.  Hubby was working so I had to deal with this all on my own which sucked.  We finally went in and I dreaded every moment of it.  One of the moms who my son plays with her kid a lot came and we talked and it was so nice to have someone talk to me and not make me feel like a leper.  I’m so socially awkward it isn’t funny.

Sunday we went to another party at the same place.  The mom mentioned above wasn’t able to make it, but I did come out of my shell enough to sort of socialize a little bit more.  After the party I came home and started freaking out about my reading that I think I was supposed to do for English class but didn’t.  I thought he wrote something on the board… I looked online because he normally posts assignments online as well and he never updated it from before.  Ah well.  I can’t stress about it.  I just need to pass.  Would love an A, but anything C or better is good enough for me.

Today I have my class… thankfully it is a short class and I’ll be home before 1.  Tomorrow my battle buddy is coming over and I am hoping and praying she can tell me what to do with my horrible decorating.  I plan on showing her the farm as well.  Can’t wait!

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