I have been sick the past few weeks and a few days ago I think I got worse.  It is sort of hard to swallow, one side of my throat was hurting and it felt like this lump had appeared on my neck (or in my neck?).  Yesterday morning I woke up and the side of my face was tingling and the lump had got bigger over night.  Bear jumped on the bed (another rarity since we have hard wood floors and he slips trying to get up there) and started licking my neck where the lump is.  He was also licking that side of my face.  Having learned just last week that if Bear is acting this way it probably means I need to see a doc, I decided to go ahead and call our family practice doctor to be seen yesterday.

She felt the lump and prescribed me some anti-inflammatory medication as well as antibiotics.  She said if it gets bigger or doesn’t get better with the meds to come back and we will discuss the possibility of needing a CAT scan to figure out why this one lymph node is so swollen.  I started the meds last night and I am still in pain, it is still large (doesn’t see any bigger though)… At least I listened to Bear right away though!  I probably would have kept blowing off the pain until it got unbearable.

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