Yes I have been searching for a live in nanny.  I never thought we could afford one but I found a great site where you can search for one in your price range.  If you factor in cost of daycare on top of the fact that it is 30 minutes the wrong direction from anything, and then the days one or the other kid was sick and we had to pay the prime rate for a sitter (which is only right when you call 8pm and ask them to be there by 730am!).. it would end up maybe not too much more cost effective, but at least some peace of mind!  I could really use the help and it would free up some time for me to get to appointments or find things that make me happy or bring down the stress a little!

The lump on my neck was just a knot!  So the lymph node did go down but in it’s place was just the same knot you get in your back.  This is a relief because that sucker was hurting!

School is out a week from tomorrow.  So I made it!  I may not have passed all my classes (only time will tell…) but I did it… I made it the whole semester!

I don’t know if any of you picked up the May issue of Women’s Health magazine, but you will find an article towards the back talking about female veterans and you will see that I am one of the vets they spoke with.  I don’t know how I feel about it.  I mean it is a great article and I thought it was very well written, but it is weird to open up something like that and see your picture and read about a time in my life that I rarely talk about with people.

Kids are doing well.  My son will be out for summer break soon and I am looking forward to some time with him.  I really want him to have fun this summer.  I plan on a lot of swimming, outside time, play time, zoo time.. just want him to have a great summer and enjoy it.  He has done so well in school  and I am amazed at what he has learned over the last 8 months!

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