This has been a rough week or so for us.  The check engine light has been on and I went to have it checked and we are looking at over $700 to fix that.  Dad and I are going to try to fix it ourselves though.  Then the tires needed to be replaced.  We got the tires figured out and in my last week of school I turned on my computer to find my entire operating system is just gone.  I have no access to any of my files.  We got a new computer and then around 3am this morning we heard the tornado sirens going off.  It rained all night and this morning I found a large bubble in the wall.  I popped it and out came the water!  We are leaking water in our hallway, through the light switch plate in our bathroom, Katie has a tub of toys that are ruined because the water leaked through her closet light socket and it is all over her clothes, her ceiling is damaged and needs to be replaces, the computer room has water seeping through the ceiling all along an entire wall…  We got tarp on the roof now and I hope that it will slow the leaking down until we can get someone out here.  I am just so stressed out!  They are saying that more rain is on the way too.  :o(

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