You would think that since Bear is a Labrador that he would just LOVE the water.  Let me tell you, I have to physically pick him up to get him in the bath tub!  So when I put the kid pool out back for him I had few hopes that he would ever find enjoyment out of it.  I filled it up with some nice cool water and let Bear and Harley play outside for a while.  I kept checking and the water was still as clean as when I put it in there (save for a few leaves and dead bugs).   I decided to head out there and try to throw  the ball to him some and while I was playing ball with him I thought that it may be worth trying to throw the ball in the pool and seeing if Bear would perhaps chase it.  Watching him jump in the pool to get the ball was like throwing a cat in a pool!  I guess Bear had tunnel vision with the ball and hadn’t thought about the fact that he was jumping in water.  He jumped it, had a terrified look on his face and jumped out.  In the moment that followed I swear I saw it click in his head… the hundreds of years of breeding and instinct finally clicked.  Bear looked again at his pool and just jumped in!

I stayed out back and watched Bear play in the pool for a good 15 minutes.  If you were with us in Washington D.C. and saw him play in the snow, where he planted his nose in the snow and ran in circles, he did that exact thing in the pool!  This morning I went out there to get some pictures of him in the pool.  It is supposed to cool off tonight so the water is getting dumped out today and we will refill it when it warms up again.  Also, please excuse the lawn… Seems our downpour last weekend did a number on the yard!

One thought

  1. Aimee, just been catching up on your writings : ) Thanks for sharing! it really motivates many of us. Puppies Behind Bars finally approved my application and am scheduled for training in Denver, mid Aug. Really excited about doing this and reading how you cope with all that you have going on keeps me on course. Stay with it girl.


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