I don’t do well with change.  You would think that being a military brat and all that other good stuff that I would be okay with change, but I really am not that great at dealing with it!

I just want everything to work out how it is suppose to, but that isn’t life.  Life operates on its own accord.  All the planing and precautions that I can try to take into consideration means nothing to life.  Life does what life wishes.  I know there is a lesson here I was supposed to learn and if I can get over my cynical thoughts and try to look at the bigger picture, I may be able to see it.  I am a very “emotionally” lead person.  I make decisions with my emotions more so than with my head at times.  I am glad I have a grounded husband who tries to keep me on the right track.

My plans to start back on a regular daily medication is probably not going to happen.  My plans of finding activities that I enjoy and trying to get out there and do them is on hold, probably until Katie starts to school.  All that is okay though because, like I said, I am sure there is something I am probably supposed to be learning.  *sgh*  Change sucks some times.

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