This blog post has nothing to do with Bear or having a service dog or even PTSD.  It does, however, have everything to do with being a mommy.

My son has really large tonsils as well as a bifid uvula (that little punching bag thing in the back of the throat).  He has had strep throat and sore throats and all that other fun stuff.  Over the 4th of July weekend I took him to the urgent care (only because no one was open due to the holiday).  I got a referral to the ear nose and throat doctor to see if getting his tonsils out was an option.  Our appointment with that doctor was last Friday afternoon.  The doctor recommended a tonsillectomy.  We went ahead and did the routine blood work and got the date scheduled.  To my surprise Monday evening around 5 I got a phone call from one of the nurses.  She said just that some of his blood work came back abnormal and that we would probably just redo the test the morning of his surgery.  I wasn’t comfortable with that so we went ahead and cancelled his surgery.  The next day we scheduled an appointment with his pediatrician.

So Tuesday afternoon I took Nikolaus to get more blood drawn.  The pediatrician spoke with me and said that one of the tests came back showing that it takes longer for his blood to clot.  He said it probably wasn’t a big deal or anything but that they wanted to go ahead and redo the blood to double check it.  I was worried but I was pretty certain that it would come out okay or that it would just be a little off and maybe within a threshold or something.  I honestly expected that in a week or so I would get a letter in the mail telling me it wasn’t anything big.

Wednesday evening around 5 I got a call from his doctor.  I know it is never good news when you get the doctor calling you at 5pm.  He said that his blood work was elevated again and that he wants Nikolaus to see a hematologist.  Of course this has my head spinning.  He said he wanted Nikolaus to go to Vanderbilt.  I called hubby and we decided that we would rather he been seen closer to home.  Initially we were told that it wouldn’t be a problem and our insurance company was on board with Nikolaus going to Le Bonheur  or St. Jude.  He called Le Bonheur and their pediatric hematologist work out of St. Jude.  We are now being told that we have no choice and have to go to Vanderbilt.

Anyway, I am letting my husband deal with that and as far as I am concerned we DO have a choice and I would rather my son be somewhere that is used to dealing with kids.

So I do what everyone does in this technological age, I went online and Googled his lab results to see what we were looking at here.  The only thing that I found that fits Nikolaus is something called von Willebrand disease.  It is similar to hemophilia but FAR less severe.  In fact most people who have it never even know.  It would only cause issues when he has surgery or if he has dental work.  There are several types but none appear to be life threatening in most people.

I will try to keep posted on how this matter.

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