I feel like an over-protective mom with bear!  It has been SO hot here that I haven’t allowed him to go with me most places.  I have a hard time making him walk out in parking lots when it is so hot the tar sticks to my shoes.  I cannot imagine how that would feel on his paws.  I just can’t do it to him.  He only gets to play out in the yard in the mornings because by about 10am the heat index starts climbing.  Everywhere I go people are asking where Bear is and I try to explain about the heat.

Anyway, I bought a Furminator a few days back and omg I wish I bought one sooner.  He looks like he just came from the groomer but even better!  His tail is about half the thickness it had been and he absolutely LOVED it.  He fell asleep and I had to literally grab his legs and turn him on his other side to finish!  Due to his wonderful grooming job I was okay with letting him up on the bed with me to cuddle a little last night.  I felt I needed him.

We start school again in a few weeks too.  I am excited but I need to buy him a new vest because I tried to use this glue stuff for his patches and made a big mess of it.  So I need to get a new vest that doesn’t have glue splattered all over it and get it to someone who can sew his patches on.  :o/

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