Nine Eleven, September 11th, 911… It makes no difference how it is said or written, there isn’t an American adult that I know of that isn’t stirred by strong emotions and Patriotism when this day comes around every year since 2001.  For those of us suffering, whether in silence or the outspoken advocates, this day marks what is essentially the beginning of a life forever changed.  This was the start of the seemingly uncontrollable chain of events that led the Veterans of OEF and OIF into the lives they live today.  Undoubtedly none of us came out the same.  Some were able to deal with the deployments and some just couldn’t.  Some committed suicide, some came home and killed their families, haunted by the sights they had seen or by the incredible and intolerable conditions that their minds had been placed in with such a long time of high stress.  Added to that was the civilian concept that unless you were being shot at and killing people, then you were just walking around perfectly relaxed and shooting the shit with your buddies.

Back home, the politicians were coming up with reasons to attack, or not to attack.  I’ve often been asked if I felt the war was worth it.  I have honestly never understood how anyone could be against it.  What more would they have to do to make it worth it to you?  I never cared if there were WMD there or not.  I don’t, in my own opinion, believe that any government could have such a highly organized group and not know about it.  We can probably never prove it one way or another, but I am sure these people had help or were “over-looked” by their governments.  I went to Ground Zero and read the names on the stone outside fire-station One and realized I would gladly bear the emotional and physical scars of my deployments.  I don’t care the politics of it all honestly.

So on this anniversary of the attack on America, on my America, I plan on sitting on the couch with Bear and watching 9/11 shows all day.  Is it the most healthy thing I could be doing?  Probably not, but I haven’t been able to brave it yet and every year I try to avoid anything related to it.

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