I posted before about our son needing to be seen at St. Jude for a possible bleeding disorder.  To our relief and amazement, he does NOT have a bleeding disorder!  They said that when he gets an illness (he had been sick the week before the blood draws that raised alarm) something called a Lupus Anti-coagulant gets activated.  The wonderful pediatric hematologist there explained that at his age, it isn’t uncommon but if he persists into his teens then we will need to re-evaluate.  Basically when he isn’t sick, his blood clots perfectly, when he is sick, it takes longer to clot. –>*insert sigh of relief here*<–  Our trip to St Jude opened our eyes to how much that hospital does for its patients and I hope that every time you go to McDonald’s, if you could just throw some change into that jar for the Ronald McDonald house it would mean a lot.  I know we have started putting change in them.

Bear and I had our one year check up.  Of course Bear loves me and is totally devoted to me so we passed with a breeze.  Bear could stand to lose a few pounds but we have been making extra trips to the farm for him to get out and RUN.  When he gets in our back yard he finds a sunny spot and naps… but at the farm there is SO much to smell and look at he goes crazy.  We work on “come” out there and I do exactly what trainer Carl suggested and every time I call him to “come” (more like, “Come on BEAR!” in a high pitch voice) I reward him with no fewer than 4 pieces of dog food.  He now comes RUNNING to me when I call him to come and I go on and on about how good of a boy he is.

The farm.  So I think we are really working on a plan to get out there to the farm.  I really could not possibly care any less about how other people feel about modular houses… We found a really great one that is all drywall inside (no ugly paneling), it has 4 bedrooms, over 2000 sq/ft, huge master bedroom with a huge walk-in closet, beautiful kitchen with a huge pantry, separate dining area, two living rooms, and a beautiful master bathroom with soaking tub.  The other three bedrooms are bigger than the rooms the kids are in now and they all have nice size closets as well.  If we can get moved out to the farm, we can rent our current house out and what we would get for rent would pay the mortgage for the current house along with start paying off the modular.  We still plan on building our dream house out there, (which can be found here http://www.houseplans.com/plan_details.asp?id=21758).  We don’t want to start building until we get more of our $ in order.  I just think that we all need to get out to the farm so we can explore in the woods, be closer to the horses, just have more of the freedom we all long for.

I am taking a full load this semester.  I don’t know if I am doing so hot in a few of my classes.  I am trying but my stress tends to get the best of me at times.  I just want to isolate myself.  I am just so much more happy when I can just spend time alone outside.  We really need the school money though so I just have to get through it and try to make the best with what I have.  I feel like I am always on the verge of just quitting and crawling back into my shell.  Even with all my medications I just can’t escape myself.  I just want to spend time with my animals.

Well, I think that is all I have for now.  I thought it has been a while since I have been online other than from my phone.  :o/

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