Wow it really seems like we just had Christmas and New Years!

Updates updates.  Well Bear is doing great.  He is really coming into his own.  I learned that he loves to eat crayons and plastic buckets, but thankfully hasn’t eaten the trampoline yet.  I think he is enjoying this winter weather.  It is pretty mild here, mid 40s most days.  I let him sleep outside the other night for the first time.  I think he really liked it!  I think I like the house too warm for him…  He is the type of dog who likes to wake me up at 4am so he can go outside and play.

Harley seems to be doing a little better.  I need to get him back to the vet.  In my heart I feel he is nearing his end.  He doesn’t look good, I can see it in his eyes, but he doesn’t seem as miserable as before.

Me?  Well I think I am doing alright.  Really, alright.  I was thinking about this the other day, when I was raking leaves into the fire on the chicken’s side of the fence.  I was thinking how Bear has taught me to stand up for him.  In standing up for him and his rights, I started standing up for mine more.  I am able to go places I didn’t before and a lot of times I don’t *need* him with me anymore.  I will probably always need him for situations I know will be stressful, school, work (someday), the VA, flying.. lol!  But it is more than having him with me that helps… it is knowing that he is a lot of work.  Knowing that I have to fight for him and his rights, that I need to make sure he is healthy and happy.  He is my best friend and I couldn’t imagine where I would be without him.  When we have the house to ourselves, I play hide and seek and become that kid again.

One thing that I had read about before I applied for Bear, was that there were a high number of people who were able to go off their medications after they got their service dogs.  Sadly I am not one of those, in fact I am now on more medications than I was before, but I am okay with it.  I feel like I am getting to a good place in my life where I am happy with what is going on.  I love being a mother and a wife.  Instead of sitting at home feeling like I am not contributing to my family, I have decided to take charge and wake up every morning and invest myself into my children.  I have been trying to be the good role model they need.  I don’t need a corporate job for them to be proud of me.  I can influence their lives by how I invest myself and my time into them.  I still have my issues and sometimes need a break to just sit in my room and read or relax, but I feel more connected to my family than I did before.

So in a few days they will be opening their presents.  There isn’t a lot for either one, but I hope I have shown them that that isn’t what this holiday is all about, but about God and about the direction he has decided our lives must take.  I want them to be happy with their circumstances and realize that there are people out there with a lot less than we have.  So Merry Christmas everybody.  Thank you to those who helped bring Bear into my life, thank you to those who loyally check this blog, and thank you to those who have shared this Journey with me.



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