So I was thinking about this the other night… about what would my world be like if everything went like I wanted it to.  I know everyone has a vision in their minds about what they would love to be different about their lives and their world.  I may as well get mine out and look back later to see what I have been able to do to make it so.

In a perfect world, I would have a decent barn for my horses.  They would each have their own stalls like normal horses.  They would be healthy and at a good weight.  I would have the strength to get on them and ride.  I long to ride on the farm… explore through parts I can’t walk through.. Look at the rabbits that are everywhere, listen to the songs of the birds that live out there.  With my decent barn would be our house.  Almost 6 years of dreaming of this house… I long to get up and feed chickens that have a decent coop.  I look forward to helping the kids build cool forts outside with things we find.  I daydream about our vegetable garden that we will have and I look forward to growing our own food.  I don’t think there is much that is more satisfying than cooking with food you grew.  I beam with pride when I bake with the eggs that my chickens produced.

I wish my husband didn’t have so much stress at work.  I wish he had a job where he could do what he wanted to do (since he has amazing ideas about running things and in practice they have always worked).  I hate that he is stressed and I do everything I can to make that stress less.  I wish I could convince him that the money isn’t worth the stress.  He isn’t the man I married anymore (I still love him to pieces though).  He used to be so much more laid back and fun loving.  Now he stresses about everything.  It seems like things were going great and then one by one anything that could go wrong started going wrong.  I guess I just try to live with the idea that everything will work out how it is supposed to.


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