**UPDATE** After doing some more research, these appear to be possibly Flat-Coated Retrievers or a mix with that.  I suspect that since neither was fixed, but otherwise very healthy, they were being bred.  I did a Google search and their puppies go for over $1000 each.


On December 30th I happened to find two dogs on the side of the road.  One had been hit by a car and has a broken hip.  The other is a female, very friendly.  Both were wearing invisible fence collars but weren’t microchipped with anything my vet could read.  I spent the past week calling every vet in the area, posting ads, looking in the paper, calling the radio station for their classifieds, my mom went to the human society and filled out paperwork reporting them found (no one had called looking for them), I literally drove around the neighborhoods not far from where I found them and left notes on door of houses with those little flags out for the invisible fence, stopped people on the street who were walking their dogs.. Nothing.  No one has come forward to claim them.

I believe them to be possibly Black Golden Retrievers.  I never heard of such a thing but they are black (one pure black, the other with some white on him) but their coat and their bodies look just like a Golden.  Neither one is fixed.  I have named them Cindy and Yogi and they seem very smart.  Super friendly but they cannot be separated.  I absolutely will NOT separate them.  The male has a broken hip but he is doing better every day at walking so I think he will recover fine, possibly have a limp.  They are both incredibly sweet.  I just cannot keep these dogs.  I have Bear and Harley already and they take all my time.  I also have a puppy I rescued but someone is coming this Sunday to look at her and see how she would get along with their dog.  So at this moment I have 5 dogs.  It is a full time job in itself!

Please, anyone reading this, if you would like these dogs please let me know by replying.  I already have an appointment to get Cindy spayed next week and to get her vaccinated.  These dogs seem perfectly happy outside in my yard.  We have a wood fence that neither has gotten out of, but at the vet Cindy climbed out of their chain link (she was able to get the door open to the office and that’s where they found her the next morning!).  Their coats seem thick enough that if you lived in a colder state than Tennessee then they would be fine with a proper dog house.  They have shown no interest at all in my chickens (I think Harley is the only chicken killer I have here) so I think they would be fine on a farm somewhere, or someone’s back yard!

These first two pictures are of Cindy and the last is of Yogi.

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