So I have decided to split up the dogs.  I think she needs him more than he needs her.  I’ve gotten pretty attached to him.  He is really sweet to Bear and Harley.  Sophia (the puppy we rescued before Christmas) will either be going with a co-worker of my mom’s, a teacher’s aide from my son’s school, or a dog rescue.  Cindy (the female flatcoat) will also be going to the rescue if no one has taken her.

I’ve decided to keep Yogi.  He is getting better every day with his walking and seems like he really likes it here.  He just wants to hang out with us.  We gave him a bath this evening.  He was pretty stinky.  I can tell he isn’t a big fan of the tub (so a lab and a retriever who aren’t fans of water.. lol).  After he got in there and got the warm water on his hip and enjoyed a nice scratch down he seemed noticeably relaxed.


2 thoughts

  1. do you still have the pup that does not have a broken hip? does she have training? As in do you think she would make a good service dog? Thank you.



    1. No sorry! Turned out she was a HE (thanks vet!) and after he was neutered he actually found a wonderful family who took him. I am not sure he would have made a good service dog. A bit hard headed!


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