Last week I was able to find homes for the puppy, Sophia, that I rescued as well as Sid (formerly Cindy…).  Sophia went to a great rescue.  I dropped her off and she had other puppies to play with and a farm to run on!  She ran away and never looked back at me!  Just played and ran, lol!  Last I spoke with the people there had already been an application to adopt her and as soon as their references check out she will be off to her new home up north!  Sid went to a family of 4.  They had two boys who were preteen age.  Sid just loved the boys!  They have been looking over a year for the right dog and I am so happy that he went to such a great family!

Since the two other dogs left I am down to Harley, Bear and Yogi.  Harley had surgery last Monday to look for tumors.  He is still very sick but seems to be getting better.  They didn’t find any though thank God.  We just still don’t know what is causing his white blood count to be so high.  He will be on pain killers and anti-biotics for a month.  We go in next Friday for another blood draw to see what his count is doing and if the anti-biotics are helping.  I’ve bought him canned food to try to get his weight back up.  He had lost 10lbs in a month.

Yogi is still recovering… VERY slowly… from his broken hips/pelvis.  He just wants to lay all day but that makes him really sore so I need to try to get him walking around more.  He won’t even stand to eat.  I worry that he may not be able to recover too well.  He is such a sweet dog though and when he is up and walking you can tell he has determination to try to get where he wants to go.. I think with some more time he will do even better.  When it isn’t so cold I will probably get him out on the leash and just walk him around in the side yard.

Bear is the only dog I have right now who isn’t sick!  He is doing great keeping Yogi company and watching after Harley.  He loves going to school with me.  I guess I would love school too if I could just curl up under the desk and sleep!

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