I have been nervous thinking about bringing Bear to Disney World.  I always like to make sure that where ever it is that I am taking Bear to it is somewhere where we will have the least amount of hassle.  It’s just less stressful for me.  I have been wanting to bring my kids to Disney World for a while now.  I think my son and daughter are both old enough to enjoy it.  The youngest will just have to wait to enjoy it another time!

I looked online and it seems they are very service dog friendly too!  I’m thinking Orlando in the summer with Bear (and me pregnant) isn’t a good idea.  We are looking at possibly trying to go over Thanksgiving break.  My son will be turning 6 on Thanksgiving day and I think he would LOVE to be there to celebrate it!!

It’s not for sure though, we have to be sure the hubs can get the time off and we have to make sure finances are in order.  I am hoping we can save up some money to make it easier to go.  It would be nice if the Air Force pulled through for me so I can get my retired ID card and get the military discount.  We are looking at maybe staying in one of the cabins there to make it easier to get Bear outside to do his thing.

Anyway, I will keep you guys updated on this trip.  Please keep us in your thoughts that nothing major comes up between now and then that would stop us from going!

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