We are now officially a family with no income.  Well, we have my VA disability, but that’s it.  I know we will be okay, my husband is a VERY hard working person and will not let us down as a family.  I can start looking into a temp agency about working until I can no longer work before little Jonah makes his arrival.

I never considered myself to be the type that felt the need to nest when I was pregnant.  I guess I always felt comfortable enough with my little spot where my baby would be residing that I never felt the need to improve upon it or anything.  This, however, has sent me into a tail-spin.  An unmedicated one at that!  I just don’t know where we will be in the next few months.  I don’t know if we will be in the state we are in now, if we will be in a different state… I don’t know where my kids will be going to school or where I will be having this baby.  I have the VA to pay for my pregnancy and 10 days of life for Jonah, but if, God forbid, he is born with any medical issues, after 10 days we are on our own.  I have been so blessed to have two children who were born healthy, but I do know that nothing is guaranteed.

I just hope that this will open the door to something better.  I have to believe that this is the beginning of something that is better for our family.

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