I am excited and nervous, but I will be leaving Tuesday morning to fly to Charlotte with Bear for a special screening of Halfway Home, a documentary by Peabody Award winning director, and now friend, Paul Freedman.  You can view trailers for it here- http://www.halfwayhomethemovie.com/home.html

Bear and I will be leaving Tuesday morning and I have no clue what we will do until the viewing starts but I am so nervous.  It’s just going to be weird to see myself up there on a big screen (not *the* big screen, but like, you know, *a* big screen).  It will be weird to see the interviews I did and see what people think about it.  I am secretly hoping for only 5 minutes (if that) of face time and the rest be about the other people.  I am also very excited to see and learn more about the other guys in the film.  I really don’t know much beyond what I have read.

I think I am worried too how this will affect me, watching it all.  I know it will probably stress me out and trigger things.  I feel like I avoid these types of films and books for a reason, but I need to see it at least once.

I will be sure to share pictures when Bear and I get back though.  So stay tuned.






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