A few years ago there was a class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of the service members who were discharged with a PTSD rating, but were not rated high enough to even qualify for retirement.  It’s been a few years now and finally– FINALLY– it seems as though it has been resolved!

Click here to read the press release about it- http://www.nvlsp.org/Information/PressRoom/NEWS-RELEASE-072911.htm

This is why I went to Washington DC on Thursday.  I went to sort of put a face to the name.  We weren’t asking for anything other than what we were denied.  For my family, the biggest win for us is the Tri-Care.  I can now provide healthcare for my family.  Had I been allowed to stay in the Air Force, I would have been at my 10 year mark on May 16, 2011, which means I would have been half way to retirement.  Being forced out because of an illness that I acquired while doing my job in a war-zone has never felt right to me.  Like many others who were a part of the lawsuit, I raised my right hand and swore to uphold the Constitution and to obey the orders of those who rank above me.  I never questioned (and I never have or will) any of the “why” of where I was going or what I was doing.  If that makes me a sheep to some, that’s okay, to me it made me an Airman.  I deployed without complaint.  I never tried to find a way out of it as I have seen so many others try, I just went, did my job, and tried to do it to the best of my ability.  I had no problems doing this because I trusted the military system and I trusted that, should anything happen to me, I would be okay.  It was worth the risk of injury or death because I was raised with the belief that if something happened, the Air Force would make sure either I or my family was taken care of.

With the settlement of this lawsuit I will *finally* be awarded the medical retirement I was owed in 2005.  I will have Tri-care, a retired military ID card (as will my family), we will be able to go to the Navy base to buy food… Everything that other retired people are allowed.  I will finally feel like I have done something for my family.  It’s hard to know that you put so much into something you had assumed would be a career just to leave with nothing to show for it aside from a few awards and medals that no one really cares about anyway.

One thought

  1. Thank you Aimee for coming to Washington, DC and being part of the news conference. Your story helped a lot of people understand the real people behind the lawsuit and how this settlement will help so many families.


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