We have been looking for another live in nanny (amazingly it is cheaper than daycare!).  This has been a nightmare of a journey and I am about ready to just quit my search.  I wish we lived near an agency because I would rather have someone else doing this!  It seems that 99.9% of the people I contact or who contact me are not actually interested in taking any sort of nanny job.  Or, they state, right out of the gate, they only want to nanny to learn better English.  I am not here to teach English!  I have no issues with someone not having English as a first language, I DO take issue with someone using my family as a means to teach them.

I am extra frustrated because I am so pregnant I can hardly walk, yet I have to find someone I trust enough with my newborn when he gets here.  If I haven’t found and hired someone by the time my baby arrives, then I will be recovering from a c-section as well as taking one kid to school 5 days a week and the other to daycare 2 times a week.  At this point, I have NO ONE who can drive my son to and from school.  I will be unable to drive for 2 weeks afterward (due to the pain meds and the obvious of having JUST had major surgery!).  So either he gets two weeks out of school at home with me, or, well, I don’t know what I will do!  I don’t see any other options right now.  I am so stressed I can’t sleep.  I wake up all hours of the night checking my phone to see if I have any new emails from a suitable person to hire.  Nothing.  Majority of the people who have applied never bother to read my requirements (must be able to swim, fluent in English, LIVE in the USA…).  I know if we offered to pay more we could get better help, but I can’t justify paying more because I will be home most of the time.  Why would I pay someone what they would make if they had to do all the work if I am here to help with it??

I keep hoping that the right person will contact me and I can finally breathe a sigh of relief.  Currently I am obsessively checking my email.  I just want what is best for my kids and for our family.  I want everything to be smooth and I want someone who will come in and my kids will like.  I am so worried about all of this change being dumped onto them.  It breaks my heart into pieces that I have failed to find a suitable person for our family.  I keep re-writing our family profile, I keep changing the pictures that I have uploaded.. I keep thinking that there is something I am missing and that’s why no one is contacting me.

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