I found myself constantly checking facebook for things.. like every few minutes checking my iphone app or logging onto the computer to see if I have new messages. I found my feelings getting hurt when I saw r/l friends posting on other friend’s profiles yet ignoring me.. So I realized this has become too much of a digital age. Too much of my time and emotions are caught up on Facebook. Therefore, I have deactivated my account. We will see how long I can go without Facebook, but it just seems like too many people have too much information because with facebook it is so easy to hit the “like” button or to share things in the heat of the moment.

4 thoughts

  1. Well this is interesting.. the reactions I am getting. It seems some people take it personal that I decided to deactivate my account, others assume something major or terrible has happened… I am finding very few people who see that Facebook is entirely too addictive!

    Yes, almost all my real life friends are on there, and yes, that has been the main means to contact me the past few years.. But isn’t it sad when I feel special when I get a more personal communication such as TEXT?! Since when is getting a text from someone an even to feel like they took the time to think about you? I can tell you when.. when before that all you got was the random “Hey” on your Facebook wall.

    It is entirely too easy on Facebook to write hurtful things. It’s too easy to not think about feelings or to think about if what you have to say to someone is something that will help them in any way, or if it is just going to hurt them. At least with an email or text you have some slight accountability for your words. It’s just all so strange to even think about– mainly because up until a few years ago, people said the same things about emails and texts. People never CALL each other anymore. We are becoming a socially awkward society. People have harder and harder times relating to each other face to face.

    It’s not like I am dropping off the face of the Earth. I am very easy to find and contact (look, you found me here!). I am not looking for people to chase me down or anything. I plan on sitting down and trying to contact people I really need or want in my life. It’s not a big deal. I just feel that I can accomplish so much more if my energy weren’t so focused on Facebook.


  2. I can’t blame you. I constantly debate with myself about taking a break from my facebook. It is soo addictive. Studies have started to show that it is actually chemically addictive in your brain, because when you get a little note/update/whatever a little bit of serotonin is released making you feel good and making you want more. I am trying to be better about stopping the mindless updating/checking for updates. Walk away from the facebook and read a good book. Way to go!


    1. Well I last most if the day then remembered bear still had his Facebook.. I’m using his account but only to check in on my private groups. It’s actually nice… Sort of… I don’t have the app anymore on my phone and don’t get notifications.


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