If Dr. Lipov’s procedure works, there just may be a cure for PTSD.  We aren’t talking about managing symptoms with therapy or medications (or both), we are talking about a cure for it.  Dr. Lipov is an anesthesiologist who has discovered that injecting an anesthetic in the back of the neck into a bunch of nerves, something that according the the Stars and Stripes article says, has been used since the 1920’s to help with pain, could actually cure PTSD.

The article is long but there looks to be a lot of hope for those of us who have tried all other routes (or many other routes anyway).  If I thought he would do it (the shots) then I would pack up my car and drive to Chicago for them.  The idea of having less stress without relying on benzodiazepines is very appealing to me.  I tend to have a high tolerance for most medications to start with so it seemed like I was taking a decent amount with not a whole lot of relief from the start with the benzos.

So, please check out the article here- http://www.stripes.com/doctor-ptsd-injection-can-work-miracles-but-dod-won-t-fund-it-1.156866, and let me know what you think… Is this the future of PTSD?  Or no?

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