When I started this blog nearly 2 years ago, it was my intention to have a blog where others who were considering a service dog for PTSD could come and read about the challenges and rewards of that.  If you look through my archived posts, you can still find that information and I hope that if it were Googled, it would still be accessible.  However, I feel that this blog has grown into more than that.  I feel like it has been my outlet when there is just too much to keep inside.  It has been where I have shared good news (birth of my son) and bad news (death of Harley).  I feel that if I kept my tagline as this being about just my service dog, Bear, that it would be misleading to those who are newly stumbling upon it.

I do hope that those who come here leave with more knowledge, compassion, and understanding the daily workings of post traumatic stress and those who live with it.  I hope that someone who is in denial (as I was for so long) may come here and find that what they are going through does have a name, and that it’s not “just them”.

With all that being said, I am about to close this post and start a new one about the possible future of PTSD treatments.  Thank you to all those who read this blog and share it.  :o)

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