I understand that everyone enjoys grilling out, pool parties, the day off work (for most), but please take a moment to remember and recognize why there even is a Memorial Day. To remember the sacrifices made by those who did not return from war, as well as those who died as a result of their injuries after returning home.  Take a minute, not to say thank you to a veteran, but pause for a minute to say thank you to those who didn’t come home.  Put flowers on a grave, make a donation to a reputable Veteran’s organization.  Do community work in honor of a fallen solider.

I believe the most important thing we can do on Memorial Day weekend is to teach our children why there is Memorial Day.  Teach them that it means more than the unofficial day to open up pools, more than the BBQs and parties; it’s more than sales at department stores and car lots.  It’s about the sacrifices made by people who gave their life to do what a lot of people wouldn’t do.  They left behind mothers and fathers, children and spouses, knowing that they might not ever see them again, but they loved their country, OUR country, enough to do it.

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