I posted on my Facebook page yesterday (and every couple of weeks or so) that I think that being a host mom to an exchange student is a great and fun way to learn a new culture. I don’t back track on that one bit. I love it so much, in fact, that when I was asked if I was interested in finding other quality families for the organization I jumped at the chance!

When my exchange student from Belgium first arrived, it was my first time hosting. I read in the hosting handbook that I should have her call me “Mom”, but “Mom” is SUCH a special word. It is a name earned by the woman who has loved you your whole life. Mom is who wiped your tears (and other things), she cared for you when you were sick, held you when you were scared. “Mom” is not a name you get because you participated in an exchange program. Others may feel differently, but right away I told her, “No, please do not call me Mom. I am Aimee, you have a Mom!”

My personality is such that I am goofy, comical… I come off as immature a lot. Under it all though, I have been through a lot of serious things, which is why I think I try to just let loose and have fun mostly. There are times, like when the Paris attacks happened, or this morning, when I heard of the bombings in Brussels, where I am able to be there. I really feel like her family is my family. I am worried for them, but I know that what I can do right now is make sure they know that the host “mom” is here, taking care of their baby girl (sorry sister, you are the youngest child, you are always going to be the baby girl!) the same way I would think they would.


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